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Mouse pad

〉Long interview with ARTISAN representative by 4Gamer

e-Sports and mouse pad

Ichiro replaces it with a new spike shoes when using spike shoes 3 times.
Athletes do not miss small differences of 0.1 mm, 0.1 g. Characteristics of table tennis racquet rubber are diverse. The athlete chooses a rubber of characteristics suited to him and exchanges. Excellent athletes are highly sensitive to gear. e-Sports is a sport. And the most sports-like gaming mouse pad is ARTISAN.

e-Sports pad NINJA FX series


A surface overturning common sense until now

Expansion image of SHIDENKAI

Until now it is uniform and just as same surface. "Quick initial motion", light operability " and " easy to stop ". We respond by diversified surface that are well-balanced to diverse user needs.
Have you ever experienced glide becoming heavy with sweat and humidity? It was common sense that traditional mouse pads become heavy glide with sweat and humidity. ARTISAN made a new common sense that gliding does not become heavy with hand sweat and humidity.

Intermediate layer (sponge part) revolution

High performance with a different dimension from sponge foam of other companies. Completely excluding surface waviness and shutting out subtle disturbance of mouse movement.
Basic thickness is 4 mm. The thin sponge of the low price item is the same as nothing. When it is 3 mm or less, the functionality as an intermediate layer can not be exhibited.
Furthermore, it is the world's first and only multi-hardness in the world. Even on the same surface, it opelability changes clearly depending on the hardness of the intermediate layer. Multi hardness allows you to match your favorite operability. Three types of hardness were prepared.

Intermediate layer

Perfect prevention of slip of mouse pad

The best anti-slipping sole in the world. The mouse pad scarcely slips during the game. Different dimensional anti-slip performance. It is also easy to maintain performance by washing with water. In performance is incomparable with old cloth mark anti-slip sole.

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